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Exhibition and Guidance Centers

The Exhibition and Guidance Centers at Yad Sarah are real-life model homes that display a wide range of equipment and ideas created to help people function independently at home. The equipment allows individuals, their caregivers, and family members to live comfortably and autonomously in the comfort of their own home. A visit to the center offers personalized, hands-on access to the equipment and a free consultation with qualified therapists and trained volunteers who are on site to advise and inform about additional services that Yad Sarah offers.

The center is intended for any person who is seeking solutions for achieving maximum and safe functioning at home. This includes users, caregivers, family members, health care professionals and others.


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National Director
Deborah Roitman
Tel: 03- 03-9543312
Mobile: 052-461-8616

Yad Sarah House
Kiryat Weinberg
124 Herzl Blvd.
2nd Floor
Tel: 02-644-4632/3/4
Fax: 02-644-4628
Hours: 9:00-16:45

Yad Sarah
8 Ichilov St.
Tel: 09-830-3404
Fax: 09-834-3301

Rishon LeZion
22 Givati St.
Tel: 03-954-3375
Fax: 03-954-3334

Yad Sarah House
3 Simcha Holzberg St.
Tel: 09-770-6604
Fax: 09-772-3414

Tel Aviv
37 Zamenhof St.
Tel: 03-523-1449
Fax: 03- 523-6078

Kiryat Shemona
29 Hanassi St.
Tel: 04-694-0480
Fax:04- 681-7347

Be’er Sheva
2 King Shaul St.
Tel: 08-911-2016

23 Mordecai Gur St.
Tel: 08-970-7525
Fax: 08-726-8287

Hillel Yaffe Hospital
HaShalom St.
Tel: 04-620-4444

31 King David St.
Neve David
Tel: 04-912-9591
Fax: 04-837-5312

About the Service

The exhibition and guidance centers of Yad Sarah – located in 10 regional branches – consist of model apartments that display the range of equipment available to enable all people to function independently both at home and in the outside world.

Occupational and physical therapists as well as experienced volunteers advise visitors as to which apparatus may help to overcome a particular functional limitation. Instruction is individual and free of charge. All equipment is available for lending and/or buying. The Jerusalem center can be accessed by phone, fax, e-mail, and regular mail.

At our resource centers, there is up-to-date information on products available for borrowing at Yad Sarah’s lending centers as well as on further products that are available for purchase both in Israel and abroad. In addition, the centers can advise on rights and procedures relevant to those suffering from functional disabilities. Knowing your rights is an essential step in relieving the stress of an altered everyday reality. 
Our service is unique in its ability to offer personalized attention to the needs of those seeking our help. Our professional and caring advisors offer significant assistance in alleviating the challenges and discomforts faced on a daily basis by a disabled or recovering person or one who is simply adjusting to changes in the ability to function. 

We offer personalized solutions to these and many other issues:
Mobility - wheelchairs, walkers, crutches
Transfers - solutions for standing up from a sitting
      position or moving from bed to bathroom safely
Personal care – washing, toileting, dressing, eating, drinking 

Sitting - chairs, cushions, accessories, etc.
Homemaking - cooking, cleaning, organizing

Leisure – equipment and adaptations that allow for the continued enjoyment of leisure activities and hobbies 
•      Accessibility – inside and outside the home

To view a list of available medical equipmentclick here.