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Day Rehabilitation Centers


Yad Sarah’s 'Shikumon' is a day rehabilitation center that offers rehabilitative services to individuals who have undergone a traumatic event, such as an accident or stroke, or suffer from a degenerative disease that has left them with physical and/or cognitive disabilities.



The Day Rehabilitation Center is intended for individuals between the ages of 21-67 who have undergone a traumatic event or suffer from a degenerative disease and have completed their initial rehabilitation period in another facility.


Yad Sarah House Jerusalem | Rishon LeZion | Raanana | Netanya | Beer Sheva



Yad Sarah House Jerusalem

Kiryat Weinberg

124 Herzl Blvd.

Tel: 02-644-4624

Fax: 02-644-4625


Hours: Sun-Thurs 8:30-13:30



Rishon LeZion

22 Givati Street

Tel: 03-954-3351

Fax: 03-954-3355

Hours: Sun-Thurs 8:00-13:00




3 Simcha Holzberg Street

Tel: 09-770-6624

Fax: 09-772-4843

Hours: Sun-Thurs 8:30-13:30



8 Ichilov Street

Tel: 09-830-3401

Fax: 09-884-1635

Hours: Sun-Thurs 8:30-13:30


About the Service


Yad Sarah’s five Day Rehabilitation Centers offer para-medical services including physical, speech and occupational therapy; music, art, gardening, movement and other kinds of therapy; as well as meals and social events for the severely disabled, young or old. This continued rehabilitation takes up where the hospital and health funds leave off. The participants travel to the centers in Yad Sarah’s specially outfitted vans, receive their treatments, participate in activities, enjoy a cooked meal and are then brought home by van.

Yad Sarah’s professional staff and volunteers work to create an individualized treatment program for each participant that allows them to regain their zest for life and hopefully puts a smile on their faces. Involvement in activities at the centers- including lectures, trips and classes- often slow the deterioration of a participant’s condition while at the same time the program gives caregivers a much needed break. Activities take place five days a week and include breakfast and lunch. Several hundred individuals participate in 'Shikumon' activities every day.