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Beit Helena Children's Play Center


The Children's Play Center offers supervised play, instruction and the lending of toys and games to children with motor and cognitive issues. The center stresses full family involvement.


The center serves children with developmental disabilities, sensorimotor problems, learning difficulties, language deficits and emotional issues.

Doctors; physical, speech and occupational therapists; psychologists and teachers can make referrals to the center. To obtain a form, call 02-644-4488.


On Thursday afternoons, the center is open to the public between 16:00-18:30. Families with up to four children between the ages of 2-10 can participate. Entry fee is 20 NIS for one child, 10 NIS for additional children.


Beit Helena Children's Play Center

Yad Sarah House Jerusalem

Kiryat Weinberg

124 Herzl Blvd

7th Floor


Morning hours: ages birth-3 years

Afternoon hours: ages 3-11 years; 15:00-19:00


For further information or to arrange a tour of the facility, please call *6444 or e-mail us at


Additional phone numbers:

Tel: 02-644-4488

Fax: 02-644-4489

About the Service

A family may choose two options for participating. They may take full advantage of the on-site center as well as borrow toys and games to take home. Alternatively, a family may borrow toys and games to take home only. Each child participates at the center accompanied by a parent at a specific time each week.
The number of participants is limited to allow for individual attention from the professional staff and trained volunteers. They play with the child (along with parents and siblings), give continuous guidance, and lend appropriate toys and games with instructions for their use at home.
The center includes a creativity room, gross motor activity room, fine motor activity room, didactic games, computer games and games for loan. The staff includes experts in special education, occupational therapy, speech therapy, social work, clinical education students and specially trained high school volunteers.
The emphasis on motor activities allows the children to reach greater awareness of their bodies with the goal of greater self-confidence and spatial awareness.

Some of our special facilities
  • The game room offers a wide variety of games that help the children develop skills such as sequencing, planning, cognitive thought, memory and fine motor coordination.

  • The computer room helps develop hand-eye coordination, memory and the ability to follow instructions.

  • The creativity room allows for relaxation and an aesthetic experience that allows the child to express himself more freely.

  • The imagination room helps the child develop his imagination through play.


In keeping with its stated goal of integrating the entire family into the play experience, Beit Helena holds enrichment workshops regularly for parents and children on a variety of topics. Families may borrow books on parenting, developmental issues, play, and more. The staff offers private consultations to parents on a variety of subjects.